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ProductionWorldwide networking for an optimal product


For decades, we have been one of the most successful suppliers in the food and textiles sector. And for good reason: our many years of experience have given us detailed knowledge of the market and a reliable supplier base. You, as our customer, will benefit from these two components.

Food items:

Due to long-standing relationships with our suppliers and the close contact to our producers, a very trusting cooperation has developed, which is also reflected in the quality of our products. But also the knowledge about our supplying countries and our specialization in selected product groups, which has been developed over the years, guarantee a high quality control.


As to our textiles, we are able to react quickly and extremely flexible thanks to our location in China. Moreover, the cooperation with long-standing partners and representatives in Thailand, Indonesia and India makes it possible for us to fulfill your requests quickly and precisely.

Through our optimal quality management, we ensure that you receive first-class products. In addition, our inspectors supervise the ongoing production. Even so we are also personally regularly in the production plants on site to guarantee an exact specification of your goods.