Social Responsibility & Sustainability - Hüpeden & Co.

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Social Responsibility & SustainabilityResponsible behaviour - for us and for future generations

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

As a traditional company with a company history dating back to 1918, we are aware that socially responsible and sustainable action is essential for preserving our natural resources for future generations. This is precisely why the responsible treatment of people and the environment is an important part of our corporate culture. Our multi-faceted memberships underline this aspect even more. However, we also regard our long-standing trade relations, which we cultivate intensively and the promotion of our own employees as part of our social responsibility.

As a BSCI member, we actively support the observance of social standards in the production countries through audits carried out by independent auditors in the factories.

Partnerships with MSC, ASC, Global Gap and participation in the Dolphin Safe Program of the Earth Island Institute line up as part of our commitment to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. And last but not least, the organic certification of our products shows how important it is for us to use ecologically sustainable and harmless raw materials (control body DE-ÖKO-039). This is further strengthened by our NATURLAND certification, which additionally enhances the social commitment associated with it.


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